Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles

Roller Shutters are extremely practical and versatile and suitable for access control and security to almost any size of opening for your commercial or industrial operation. As well as providing security by preventing burglary and vandalism they also act as a visual deterrent to criminals.

Made to measure
All of our industrial doors are made to measure. Our roller security shutters are all-purpose and made to fit any aperture or opening.

Choice of colours and finishes
We do every type of colour to suit every type of design and company branding. All colours available in either powder coating or plastisol.

Easy operation
Designed for minimal space our rolling shutters and grilles require minimal amount of space to operate. They need space above the opening to store them as a compact coil when open.

Thanks to their simple construction and just a few moving parts, our rolling shutters and rolling grilles are especially economical. Both are available in aluminium or steel and are doors that will prove themselves over and over again.

There are three main types of roller shutters:

  1. Single skin
    May be the preferred option when insulation, noise and security are not your main priority. More lightweight option that can be manually operated.
  2. Insulated twin skin
    Providing additional heat and noise insulation and security, the twin skin insulated roller shutter is made up of two galvanised steel 95mm sheets with a layer of rock wool insulation or insulated foam in between each sheet.
  3. Fire shutters
    A fire shutter can prevent the spread of smoke and fire by up to 4 hours when compared to a typical roller shutter. Fire shutters can also come in single skinned or twin skin options.

With most roller shutters there are a variety of ways to operate including manual or electric motors for larger doors with frequent usage.

Our dedicated team of professionals supply, install and maintain commercial and industrial roller shutters to hundreds of organisations across the South West in all manner of businesses.

Get in touch with our friendly Exmouth team on 0800 083 2590 to arrange a free survey of your premises and provide a no-obligation quotation.

Roller security shutters
Office shutters
Watch this video about Hormann industrial roller shutters
This video shows the Hormann HSS 6530 fast action industrial roller shutter in action


Safe edge panel profile means shutter edge is electronically monitored to prevent hitting obstacles. Finger safe from both sides. Designed to comply with European union safety code EEN12604

Safety features

Cable break device In the event of the cable breaking the device will activate and prevent any further descent of the door. Microswitches are available for electrical doors to isolate the motor in the event of activation.

Spring break device

In the event of a spring breaking the device will activate to prevent the shaft from turning, stopping any further descent of the door. Microswitches are available for electric doors to isolate the motor in the event of activation.

Optional Extras

  • Strong galvanised steel curtain
  • Optional pass doors
  • Manual or electrical operation
  • Weather Seals & Insulation options
  • Special bottom rails
  • Advanced security features

Roller security shutters & doors are  are ideal for:

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Factories & warehouses
  • Hospitals & clinics
  • Nurserys
  • Health centres
  • Colleges & schools
  • Libraries
  • Universities
  • Swimming baths
  • Gyms
  • Prisons