Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give free estimates?

We are more than happy to come and visit your premises to give We are happy to give free estimates for sales of doors and openers.


Do your garage doors comply with safety codes?

All our garage doors are designed and installed to comply with European union safety code EEN12604.
BS EN 12604:2000 for Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates - Specifies the mechanical requirements for doors, gates and barriers intended for installation in areas in the reach of people, for which the main uses are providing safe access for goods, vehicles and persons in industrial, commercial or residential premises. The doors may be manually or power operated.


What sizes can the sectional doors go up to?

Generally 10 metres wide and 8 metre high for an industrial sectional door but we can order doors in almost any size that you need. There may be limits dependant on the model and manufacturer.


I have a one-piece door now. Can I replace it with a sectional door?

Yes. Our team of installer can install a sectional door for you by installing track and springs to accommodate a sectional door.


What is the minimum amount of minimum headroom required for a sectional door?

Generally We would require at least 12" to 18" of space between the bottom of the opening header and the unobstructed ceiling. However with our some of our custom made overhead doors, using low-headroom track, it is possible to install a door in an area that has as little as 61/2" of headroom.


Are sectional doors secure?

A sectional door, combined with a good quality electric operator, can be almost impossible to break into (without specialised tools and a lot of noise!). Some electric operators have additional locking in the form of a steel hook which holds the door panels firmly at the top as well as being held by the motor itself.


Who are your suppliers?

We supply sectional doors from only the very best manufacturers including Hormann, Indupart, SWS, Henderson, Garador, Excelsior and Caradale.


How qualified and trained are your technicians?

Our highly trained reputable and professional engineers are available to offer design, installation and fitting services as required.


Can the colour match our business branding?

Available in a variety of different colours including different shades of Grey , green, blue, red, white, yellow. Also available in standard RAL Central European Colour Standards or British Standard colours.