Industrial Shutters Barnstaple

The perfect solution for accessing your commercial or industrial operation

Looking for industrial shutters, warehouse shutters and security shutters? A&A Industrial Doors can help if you need safe, reliable and functional access for your Barnstaple factory, warehouse or industrial unit.

We are experts at supplying, installing and maintaining large industrial shutters and warehouse shutters designed and built to the highest standards to cope with the high usage and wear and tear of industrial warehouses and factories and commercial shops and outlets.

We aim to be provide the right security shutters for your factory or warehouse. A wide range of available designs and shutter solutions means the modern industrial shutters are safe, reliable and functional.

Industrial Shutters Barnstaple

Industrial shutters and warehouse shutters provide an effective environmental barrier helping to reduce energy loss whilst providing excellent traffic throughput and access.

A&A Industrial Doors Barnstaple aim to be provide the right shutter for your business in Barnstaple and has a wide range of designs and solutions. The modern industrial shutter or security shutter is safe, reliable and functional access, industrial shutters are also excellent for optimising space.

  • All our industrial shutters are made to measure to fit any opening
  • Industrial shutters maximise the amount of available internal space
  • Industrial security shutters provide a high level of security
  • Highly energy efficient with heavily insulated panels
  • Easy to operate with options of manual or automatic opening
  • A variety of available activation controls
  • Reliable and functional access
  • Can contain clear glazed panels for maximum visibility
  • High quality appearance available in a range of colours and finishes

Security Shutters Barnstaple

Designed and built to your specific requirements, our security shutters are a great solution for securing your Barnstaple warehouse, office or business premises.

We aim to provide the right industrial shutter for your Barnstaple business and as range of designs and solutions means the modern security shutter is safe, reliable and functional access, industrial shutters are also excellent for optimising space.

Warehouse Shutters Features

Roller Shutters are extremely practical and versatile and suitable for access control and security to almost any size of opening for your commercial or industrial operation. As well as providing security by preventing burglary and vandalism they also act as a visual deterrent to criminals.

Made to measure
All of our industrial doors are made to measure. Our roller security shutters are all-purpose and made to fit any aperture or opening.

Choice of colours and finishes
We do every type of colour to suit every type of design and company branding. All colours available in either powder coating or plastisol.

Easy operation
Designed for minimal space our rolling shutters and grilles require minimal amount of space to operate. They need space above the opening to store them as a compact coil when open.

Thanks to their simple construction and just a few moving parts, our rolling shutters and rolling grilles are especially economical. Both are available in aluminium or steel and are doors that will prove themselves over and over again.

There are three main types of industrial shutters:

  1. Single skin
    May be the preferred option when insulation, noise and security are not your main priority. More lightweight option that can be manually operated.
  2. Insulated twin skin
    Providing additional heat and noise insulation and security, the twin skin insulated roller shutter is made up of two galvanised steel 95mm sheets with a layer of rock wool insulation or insulated foam in between each sheet.
  3. Fire shutters
    A fire shutter can prevent the spread of smoke and fire by up to 4 hours when compared to a typical roller shutter. Fire shutters can also come in single skinned or twin skin options.

With most industrial shutters there are a variety of ways to operate including manual or electric motors for larger doors with frequent usage.

Industrial shutters Barnstaple

Our dedicated team of professionals in Barnstaple supply, install and maintain industrial shutterswarehouse shutters and security shutters to hundreds of organisations across the South West in all manner of industries.

Get in touch with our friendly team on 01271 309405 to arrange a free survey of your premises and provide a no-obligation quotation.

Security shutters Barnstaple
Industrial shutters Barnstaple
Security shutters Barnstaple


  • Made to measure to fit your exact requirements
  • Available in powder coating or plastisol. All colours available
  • Reliable and functional access
  • Hassle-free solution
  • Practical and excellent value for money
  • Do not require much internal space to operate
  • Easy to operate with manual or automatic opening
  • A variety of available activation controls
  • Available in range of colours and finishes
Watch this video about Hormann industrial roller shutters
This video shows the Hormann HSS 6530 fast action industrial roller shutter in action

Our industrial shutters are secure, practical and space saving. They are ideal for:

  • Loading bays
  • Industrial units
  • Storage buildings
  • Fire and ambulance stations
  • Warehouse units
  • Garage units
  • Distribution centres
  • Removal companies
  • Manufacturing units
  • High rises bays
  • Dock and port side units
  • Shopping centres
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